Saturday, February 28, 2009

Best Cookie: Detroit

Detroit has got some good cookies going on. There is Astoria Pastry Shop in Greektown, with its never-ending case of cookies, baklava, and pastries. And Traffic Jam and Avalon Bakery in the Cass Corridor neighborhood are both home to exceptional cookie fare.

But the best cookie ever, the go-to for the most intense craving of all, is Todd’s Evil Cookie.

Once found at Mercury Coffee Bar, I am unsure of the future of this formidable chunk of bliss—as Mercury Coffee Bar, after being open just four months, is closing. There is talk and hope of its eventual reopening and I optimistically wait for the day—both for the health of Detroit businesses and, selfishly, for my cookie fix.

I love Detroit. I believe in Detroit. And I want to see the city, and its inhabitants, thrive. So, for the love of cookies, go to Detroit. Go to Detroit to listen to rock ‘n roll. Go to Detroit to see some great art and eat delicious food and talk to some exceptional and refreshing people.

Seriously. Go to Detroit.

The view from inside MCB is of the old train station.

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